Cleis Design
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b. 1986, HK.



CNO Financial Indianapolis Monumental Marathon
Cowgirl Up
Jewish Family Services
Jewish Federation of Great New Orleans
Juju Doll Art
Krewe of Goddesses
The Lens
The Louisiana Museum Foundation
St. Bernard Project
Wholistic Fix

Cleis Design is….

Designer, Jennifer Hughes. Fifteen plus years in marketing and design. She specializes in brand development & championing all that is good & unique in the world. To accomplish this she works with copywriters, developers, and other “get down to the work” types. 

Together we create brands, refresh brands, develop both online and print campaigns….In a nutshell – everything from large scale exhibit graphics to web sites & other teeny-tiny web and print projects that need a dedicated designer to bring your vision into a functional and beautiful reality. 

Where does the name come from?

A moth, and much like a moth there is always a bright light or idea calling to us. Read more, here.