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Hey, Been Trying to Meet You!

The first blog post is always the most anxious one to complete. It's a blank page filled with endless possibilities and as a designer (that's me,Jennifer Hughes,) I have all the best intentions to stay on topic with a hearty, "hello!" Or at least "hey, let's meet!"

This is a small design shop that specializes in doing a lot of good work for companies and groups who care about their vision and the message delivered to their audience. It's not easy to work magic on every design task that enters my queue/inbox, but I'm always looking to learn a new technique, create a relevant process/visual style, and make the message stand out-crystal-clear to the audience and customers my clients serve; not just a quirky designer who spends far too much time researching & chasing after innovative visual ideas. 

There's hand-holding when necessary and hand's off approaches when the tried and true method of what tells a brand's story has already been figured out. In the next few weeks this blog will be filled with different media and project highlights to showcase what Cleis Design is all about. 

Disclaimer: I don't swear to always have the answers, but this little design shop and I are driven to find out how to solve just about any design problem that comes this way.